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What We Buy and Don't Buy

We buy Waterford, Steuben, Lalique, Baccarat, Saint Louis, Fostoria and Tiffin fine crystal patterns. We will also consider other crystal that you may have that is not listed here. Please note more specific details on this page.

We Buy To Resell At A Profit.

There is some crystal we don't purchase because it doesn't fit our business model. It would not be worth your while to sell it to us, because we would have to sell a lot to make it profitable for both of us. We will expand upon the following list in the future. We do not purchase crystal for what it's selling or sold for. Please do not expect that kind of quote from us. We are liquidators not collectors.

What Can We Expect to Get?

Let us help you understand the crystal market today.

We will use a couple of popular Waterford items to start. Let's look at a Waterford Lismore Water goblet, 8 oz, 6 7/8" tall, originally sold new for $119.95. The average aftermarket price for this is $33.00! Wow! You have to keep in mind that Lismore is a very popular pattern. With popularity you get a huge supply. When there is a great supply of something, the price is driven down. As we've stated, the economy also plays a part. There are web sites that sell one off's of these goblets for $50.00. They provide a great service for people that break a piece and need a new one. These prices are unrealistic for people that want to sell more than one piece of crystal in their lifetime. We've seen over and over again on different web sites people that think they can get $50-70 a piece for these goblets and they do not sell. Another popular item, which you will see to your right is the Waterford Lismore Biscuit Jar. This retails for $275.00. The average after market price for this is $70.00!! Web sites that sell these if you break one are asking $170.00. Once again, unrealistic for the individual owner to try and get this. A Steuben Coronet bowl, 13" in diameter, made in 1953, sold for $700.00 in 2006. Today, the average price is $200.00!

Another error is getting an idea of what your piece is worth on eBay by looking at what a piece is selling for. I hear so many time, " I've seen it selling on eBay for $100.00!" or "I see a lot of buy-it nows for $150.00 so it must be worth that much." You need to look at what these pieces have SOLD for. Look on the left side of the selling page and find complete listings. Click on this and a new page will appear with the sold prices in green and the unsold prices are in red. If you see similar pieces that have sold, take their average price and you have a better realistic value of what your piece is worth if you sell it on eBay. Remember, eBay is not user friendly or a free site to sell your crystal on.

The Crystal Pyramid
Picture a pyramid.  At the top of the pyramid you have 100 year olds.  At the bottom you have newborns.  Draw a line around the center and this represents 50 year olds.  The market for crystal is about 55 years old and up.  30 and under for the most part don’t want this.  They are more into electronics and computer related devises. When was the last time you saw this on their bridal registry along with china and sterling sliver flatware? Plus they have a more casual dining and entertaining style.  In another 10 years, the buyers are slowly fazed out by natural biology.  This has been driving prices of crystal down and is why Waterford laid off all of their Irish cutters and moved stemware to Hungry and Czechoslovakia.  Steuben closed their doors for the same reason. They have no interest in expensive crystal items and stating that the younger generation would rather purchase technology related items.  Most of the depression glass companies in the US are now closed.  French crystal is still alive, but is still affected by the decreasing demand for fine crystal.  Fine dining in the home is a dying art. It's a generational thing. Sell your crystal now, while it still retains a reasonable value.

So, there you have it. I hope this has helped give you a better sense of value.

If you are in financial straits, consider your priorities. Eat or have Waterford Crystal Flutes to drink champagne you can't afford.

Waterford Crystal:

  • Stemware: As a rule of thumb, you should have at least 8 pieces you want to sell
  • Vases: Prefer at least 7" or taller.

  • Bowls: Prefer at least 8" in diameter.

  • Dessert bowls: Depends on pattern, but at least 3" and up.

  • Decanters: Interiors must not have any cloudy appearance.

    Assortments will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Examples include cake knives, cake platters, etc. We will let you know if these items fit our model. The old Kilbarry factory is now closed and was the location where real Irish crystal was made.

Below are examples of a Waterford etching. These are usually found on the base or near the base of your item.

  • signatureWaternew1



Steuben: We will consider just about any piece of Steuben. It will depend on the type and quantity of the pieces. The Steuben factory is now closed and was an American made product.

Below are examples of a Steuben signature. These are engraved and are on the
bottom of the item. Since 1933, every piece of crystal to leave the Steuben factory has been marked with the characteristic script signature, except for some tablewares made prior to 1947, which were signed with the intial "S".


Lalique: Some Lalique pieces can be quite expensive. We will have to look at each piece on a case-by-case basis. Lalique is still in production and is a French manufactured crystal.

Below are examples of a Lalique signature. These are just a few. The script style is the most recent and common.




Here is a tip from the many pieces that we've purchased. First, run your fingers around the rim of stemware. The touch of your fingers will feel and be able to tell a chip or nick faster then your eyes will. Next, check the sides of the crystal. We've missed many side chips from not doing this inspection. Finally, you can really find problems by washing each piece, and then drying the pieces with a lint free towel and holding them up to a flourescent light. We will do this before providing you with a final quote if your pieces are shipped to us.

Baccarat: A very fine crystal. We purchase Baccarat items on a case-by-case basis. This is a French produced crystal and is still in business today.

Below are the two main examples of a Baccarat signature. There is always the circular one on the bottom and there can also be one on the side in script. These are acid etchings.


Saint Louis: A very fine crystal. We purchase Saint Louis crystal on a case-by-case basis. This is a French produced crystal and is still in business today.

Below is an example of a Saint Louis signature.



Fostoria: The only patterns that we are purchasing right now are Chintz and Navarre. If you have another pattern you would like to sell, email us the name of the pattern, and how many pieces you have. We are interested in stemware but the major pieces like pitchers, decanters, bowls and vases are more of what we purchase. Maybe 10% of these items are signed.

Tiffin: Again, like Fostoria we are interested in stemware but the major pieces like pitchers, decanters, bowls and vases are more of what we purchase. Maybe 10% of these items are signed.

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